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Over 500+ Interviews

“I learned things about my dad that I never knew”

Mark F.

Verified Tales Customer

How it works

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Tell us who to interview and select topics

Submit your own topics, or choose from our list of hundreds of questions and topics organized by time periods and life events.


We set up and conduct the interview remotely

We'll handle the scheduling and assist with technology. After the call, we’ll professionally edit the conversation.


You get a studio-quality audio recording to cherish

We deliver the professionally edited audio recording via a secure, private web page that you can enjoy and share.

Why Choose Tales

5 Reasons Why
People Love Tales

  • 1. Our professional team handles everything

    Tales handles the scheduling, assists with technology, and ensures your loved one has an amazing storytelling experience.

  • 2. The stories are recorded in their own voice

    By recording your loved one telling stories in their own voice, you also capture their personality and the essence of who they are.

  • 3. It’s easy and enjoyable for your loved one

    Storytellers with Tales rave about how fun it is for them to reminisce and how much easier it is than writing down their stories.

  • 4. You get an heirloom that you’ll cherish forever

    Customers tell us that their Tales audio recordings quickly become family heirlooms that they’ll share with their children and grandchildren.

  • 5. Learn things about your loved one you never knew

    Tales asks the questions you’ve never thought to ask, finding gems of stories you’ve never heard before.

“The Tales team was wonderful to work with, very patient with scheduling elders, and delivered an amazing product”

Martha P.

Verified Tales Customer

Over 500+ Interviews

Tales Project
Short Story

1 interview ½ hour

Life Story

3 interviews 1 ½ hours


Best for capturing the essential stories.

Package Includes:

🎙️ 3 interviews with professional interviewer

1 ½ hours of total interview time

🧑‍💻 Studio-quality edit

🎶 Curated musical overlay

🔑 Private & beautiful listening page

Complete Life Story

5 interviews 2 ½ hours




Money Back Guarantee

What happens
after you purchase


You fill out a 2-minute survey to tell us who we’re interviewing and what to cover.


We reach out to your loved one on the date you specify to schedule their interview.


We interview them, record their stories, and deliver the polished recordings within 7 days.


Sample Stories Brought to Life with Tales

  • Getting a Schwinn

    Carlos gifted his father, Carl, the Complete Life Story package after hearing some stories he’d never heard him tell before on a family vacation.

    Carl shared vivid memories from his life including this story of his father buying him and his sister a new bike.

  • Roller Skating in SF

    The Wise family gifted the Life Story package to their 98-year-old Grandma Nettie to capture her life story in her own voice.

    Here, she shares how she used to roller skate in San Francisco as a young girl in the 1930s.

  • First Date Bribe

    Jeff and Katherine were gifted the Short Story package from their kids as a way to capture their love story for their 50th wedding anniversary.

    They shared all the details of how they met and how Jeff had to bribe Katherine to go on their first date.


Our Customers Tell It Best

  • Worth Every Penny!

    This is such a wonderful company and service. They did a great job interviewing my grandma and having the podcast episodes for the family to listen to is a great Christmas present. The interviews were super easy to prepare for and the episodes were delivered quickly and very well done.

    Becky S.

    Verified Buyer

  • An absolute treasure!

    I commissioned Tales for my father and I just got the first one back - it is a TREASURE. I learned things about my dad that I never knew, and heard some old favorite stories as well. My dad loved the process of being interviewed. This will be a treasured family heirloom. Thank you so much!

    Amy M.

    Verified Buyer

  • Priceless!

    This was a wonderful experience and a chance for me to share things that have been not been discussed with my daughter. Now she will have some of those memories to keep forever. Mark seemed to know just what to ask to elicit those replies that I didn't even know I had in me!

    Ruth O.

    Verified Buyer

  • Priceless family heirloom

    We decided that hearing your own family tell their own story in their own words would be both easier and more impactful for posterity than a written format, so this was a great choice for our family. Will definitely be utilizing the team in the future. A+ experience!

    David T.

    Verified Buyer

  • Treasured history

    Tales staff, from the very beginning, was friendly, supportive, and attentive. My sister had a great experience telling her story, and the production of it exceeded expectations. Now we have a treasured piece of family history to be enjoyed for years to come. Thank you!

    Peggy L.

    Verified Buyer

  • Pleasure to work with

    Tales has been a pleasure to work with. The company is communicative and responsive and the work is top-notch. Tales produces a professional quality podcast featuring your loved one that you would expect to find on NPR or a national level production.

    Jeff P.

    Verified Buyer

“I would give anything to hear my mother’s voice again, not to mention hear some of her recollections and thoughts.

I'm sure my daughter will never regret this experience!”

Ruth O.

Verified Tales Customer


How This Tale Began

Interviewing my Grandma Nettie

Listen to one of Grandma Nettie’s stories

For as long as I can remember, my family has been asking my Grandma Nettie to write down her stories.

She started writing many times but never got past the first couple pages. And all of a sudden, she was 97 years old and time was running out.

So I bought a microphone, drove to her house, and spent an entire afternoon interviewing her all about her life — what it was like growing up during the Great Depression, her memories of World War II, and so much more.

These are stories that my family will cherish forever. Stories that I’ll share with my own children one day. And I realized that if these stories meant so much to me and my family, the same was probably true for other families.

So I teamed up with my friend, Wesley, to create Tales — to give every family an effortless way to capture their life stories in their own voice.

What started as a way to capture my own grandmother’s stories is now available to you and your family.

Everyone has a story to tell, and it's our mission at Tales to capture every one of those stories before they fade.

Spencer, co-founder of


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