Life Story Interview Kit (Digital Version)

Capture their stories. Build a deeper connection.
Digital version of our 150 expert-crafted question prompt cards that help you preserve their memories for generations to come.

Capture their life story

Connect on a deeper level

Learn stories you never knew





Digital download for immediate use

Say goodbye to forgotten memories

Capture your loved one's life story

Preserve your loved ones' stories and memories for generations to come.

Deepen your connection with them

Spend quality time learning more about and connecting with the people that love you most.

Discover stories you never knew

The Interview Kit includes questions you never thought to ask so you can learn things you never knew.

Show them you care

Nothing says "I love you" more than the gift of quality time preserving their legacy.

Everything you need is in the box...

The right questions at the right time

150 questions written by our team of expert interviewers and trained narratologists

Mixture of chronological and reflective questions that spark meaningful conversations

Divided into three eras of life: Early Life, Mid Life, and Later Life & Reflection

350gsm premium matte finish so they last for years to come

Simple step-by-step instructions

Techniques for asking effective follow-up questions and digging deeper

Practical advice on how to get your loved one to open up and share their stories

Suggestions for fostering a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that promotes sharing

Strategies for using active listening and storytelling techniques

Tips & tricks for recording

Tips for selecting the best recording device or platform for your situation

Advice on recording the conversation both in person and remotely over video calls or phone calls

Strategies and recommendations for improving the quality of the recordings

Guidance on how to save and share your recordings for the future

Our Customers Tell It Best

"Didn’t expect to cry after asking my dad about his life with this interview kit but here we are..."

Mary C.

Verified Buyer

"I learned things about my parents and their upbringing that I never knew! I've never felt closer to them"

Greg R.

Verified Buyer

"I'm so glad I purchased this interview kit!! The cards have truly helped me feel more connected with my parents"

Stephanie L.

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